2021 Ghost Wines - Barossa Dry Rosé - 12 pack (Vegan)

Ghost Barossa Dry Rosé (Vegan)

No Sugar, Low sulphate Rosé that is designed for easy drinking without the guilt.

This Rosé pairs well with most food but you will love sharing it with friends over a cheese platter.

This wine has a cherry sauce, black currant flavour with a refreshing apple crunch aftertaste.

Barossa Valley High quality Cabernet Sauvignon usually used for red wines. 
Zero sugar (enzymatic tests confirm wine is 'dry')

The most conservative sulphur addition of 35ppm was made at bottling (some wines have 200ppm!) and at no stage during wine making was any other SO2 added. Microbials (makes wine go off) were contained using temperature, dissolved CO2 and sugar elimination.


12.5% alcohol

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