April 16, 2016

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Bon appétit! 2014 Ghost Clare Valley Shiraz with chargrilled sirloin and Café de Paris Butter

What better accompaniment for our 2014 Ghost Clare Valley Shiraz than this classic Parisian dish transported from the 1940s to your 2016 table. We adapted Franz Scheurer’s father’s 1943 Beurre Café de Paris recipe (available via http://www.classic.com.au/wizard/CParis.htm) to suit our tastes. One bite, and you’ll convince yourself you’re clad in red, white & blue, wearing a beret, sipping our Shiraz next to a fire in a chateau in Bordeaux. Apologies, we got carried away there for a minute.

Thanks to our friends at Crestcut Meats, Henley Beach, (www.adelaidesbestbutcher.com.au – the name says it all) for providing us with quality sirloin to work with (they also offer grass fed, organic and gluten free options!).

This dish was quite the lengthy and detailed process, requiring 24 hour’s fermentation and then freezing but well worth it. The depth of the butter complemented the liquorice undertones of our Shiraz which was lovingly crafted in French oak hogshead barrels, adding fruit-driven flavour with impressive length and complexity.



It has got a whole lot cooler outside, making this dish and our 2014 Ghost Clare Valley Shiraz the perfect antidote to Summer-withdrawals.

Angela Harvey
Angela Harvey