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July 06, 2016

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I often get the question “What is the difference between cheap wine and premium wine?”. “Why spend $25 on a bottle, when I can spend $5? Isn’t it all the same?”.

No it is not!

The proof is in the tasting. There are some big, concrete differences between choosing a quality, more expensive bottle of wine and reaching for a cheaper version. Such differences include farming practices, winemaking processes and, importantly, flavour differentials. Simply put:

  1. All great wine starts with the choice of vineyard. The best regional vineyard sites with the right grape type are highly sort after, limited and the grapes sourced from such regions are more costly.

Growing the wrong variety of grapes on sub-standard sites results in those grapes unable to gain maximum flavour and structure which soon becomes apparent when you taste the resulting wine.

Our winemakers make sure to grow the right variety of grapes on sites that maximise sun exposure, have the correct soil type, adequate drainage and slope, and ensure the grapes are picked at the right time. It goes without saying, you can’t have great wine without great grapes.

You can be assured that your $5 bottle of wine might not hurt the bank balance, but you’re tasting wine that is likely to be majority second pressings. What are second pressings? Essentially, after the first pressings or ‘free run’, the grapes are crushed again. This process produces juice from a lot more stalk and grape seeds causing the juice to taste bitter.

No thanks.

  1. Great winemakers and the right equipment are the other essential variables to making a great drop.

We have enormous respect for our winemakers. During our much-loved “research” work involving wine tastings within the same wine region, we’ve noticed that sampling the same variety of wines can taste completely different between wineries. The winemaker’s decisions can make or break a wine. With red wine especially it can be very apparent how the winemaker’s decisions can affect the final product.

Good French or American oak barrels are expensive but necessary if you want an excellent red wine. With the $5 bottles you can pretty much bet that the wine was matured in stainless steel with oak chips thrown in. A big thumbs down for the taste buds when you add that to the bitter grape juice from the second pressings.

  1. Taste, aroma, balance and texture of the wine are the final, important considerations.

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to taste the difference between cheap and expensive wine. Especially comparing the velvety feeling of high quality Ghost Wines McLaren Vale Shiraz, with just the right balance of fruit, acid, and light tannin to a $5 bottle of wine that your mate brings over to dinner parties! Don’t worry, we all have one of those friends. The more you drink the more you realise that there is a taste difference.

I remember several years ago spoiling myself and my wife at a nice restaurant in Sydney. I chose a Henschke Keyneton Euphonium Shiraz and was totally blown away with the flavour. I can pinpoint the beginning of my love affair with wine to that first sip of that Henschke Shiraz.

In serving our Ghost Wines selection to our friends, it’s always rewarding to see their faces light up when they taste a truly great wine.

For me it’s like flying first class, once you have a taste of it it’s hard to go back to economy.

But we understand that money (especially with this economy) is not so easy to come by. That is why we’re committed to bringing our valued customers the premium wine, without the premium price tag. It is our promise to you that you will be able to enjoy quality wine at a price that won’t hurt the bank account.

Further, we are proud to say our wine is sourced from some of the best grapes with no second pressings, made by world-renowned winemaker’s using only excellent oak barrels (red wine).

We have worked hard to strip the extra costs out of our business so you get to taste high quality wine at an entry level price.


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